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Video excerpts from the first audio book of His Beatitude Lubomyr ‘Way to one’s self’ at YouTube watched by more than 1700 people
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For 1727 times users of the world-wide Internet resource YouTube watched excerpts (in video format) of the first audio book of His Beatitude Lubomyr, Head of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church, which was released under the title "The way to one’s self." Four excerpts in which the Head of the UGCC talks about bribery, money and whether it is an unquestionable evil, relations between young and old, and attitudes toward each as a human being, were placed on YouTube on February 5, 2009. The same excerpts have also been placed at the official web page of the UGCC in the section "Video files" at www.ugcc.org.ua/59.0.html.

According to statistics, the most popular for users of the Internet (631 times) was the video excerpt about bribery; in second place was His Beatitude Lubomyr’s words about humaneness (427 times). It is interesting that the most frequently offered video was watched in Ukraine, the USA, Canada, Poland, Italy and Spain. Most users were 45-54 years of age. Among them were 92% men, and 8% women. Generally the video was watched by people from 18 to 65 years of age and older.

In addition to these four video excerpts of the audio book "The way to one’s self" on YouTube, we viewed other eight video files: 7 are excerpts from the films "Authority" and "Soul" from the series "Search for truth" created by Radio Resurrection and one was about the building of the Patriarchal Center of the UGCC in Kyiv in 2002-2008 in photographs.



The company YouTube, founded in February 2005, is the leader in the area of Internet video. The site YouTube is first of all intended for viewing and placing videos created by Internet users. YouTube allows one easily to load and show video files on web sites, mobile devices, blogs, and to send them with e-mails. In order to find the video excerpts which we uploaded, it is better to use the search engine on the site of YouTube, setting the search words "Гузар" or in Latin letters "Huzar."

Information Department of the UGCC

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